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Vietnam - travel images from Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay, Hoi An, and Hue.
Lafayette No. 1 Cemetery, New Orleans (7 images)
Cooper's Hawk in Repose (5 images)
Mardi Gras 2015, New Orleans (22 images)
Early Morning in City Park, New Orleans (5 images)
Corn Snake (2 images)
New Orleans Scenes (22 images)
Recent Portraits: Paul
Superdome, Benson Towers, and Saints Run (17 images)
Jackson Square and Its Environs (12 images)
Two very different kinds of assignment, one for Prada USA, to shoot the opening of its new kiosk in Saks Fifth Avenue at Canal Place, where high-priced space is rented to display high-priced purses like new cars on a showroom floor, and the other, to photograph Ms. Mae's, an iconic local watering hole, for the Dive Bar Shirt Club. Ms. Mae's was more fun but more difficult since the client didn't want any people depicted and Ms. Mae's does a fairly brisk business at 10:00 am. So I found myself approaching people resting on their elbows, their chins tented over half-empty highballs and smoking ashtrays, asking if they would mind moving to the other side of the room for just a minute while I set up a photograph. (12 images.)
Seaside, Florida, is a planned community of pastel-colored cottages, Victorian mansions, and white picket fences about 25 miles east of Destin. Where each narrow street meets the Gulf of Mexico, on the boardwalk across the dunes, there stands a unique pavilion, each designed by a different architect. (47 images.)
Green Anoles in Repose -- six images.
French Quarter and Mississippi River in New Orleans -- eight images.
A few from a recent ski trip to Alta, Utah -- nine images.
Japanese Magnolias -- eight images.
Still Life (fruits and vegetables) -- four images.
Mardi Gras 2014 -- 33 images.
Apples - 4 images
The quality and versatility of the iPhone camera is made evident by these cycling images, some taken at night without flash, or while riding at better than 25 mph. (10 images.)
New photos from the Magazine Street project - 83 images. This is an on-going personal project to document what is perhaps the most unique six-mile stretch of urban America. Earlier images (104) here.
Give Your Dad A Little Kiss For The Camera - Scrollable series of 6 images.
Recent Portraits - Eight images, five of a handsome couple, and three of two executives.
Grace Episcopal Church and Cemetery, St. Francisville, LA - Four images
Rising and Falling (Gravity and Anti-gravity?) - Four images
Seaside Impressions - Ten images
Istanbul - 230+ images
Shoreside - 20 Images
One of my beautiful nieces, this one Jessica. - Three images
Trees, a new portfolio website gallery. - 40 Images
Pondscapes - Four Images
Tree Portraits from Audubon and City Parks - 21 images
Mardi Gras 2012 - 28 images.
Wrought Iron - 12 images.
Audubon Park Oaks - five images.
Hyams Fountain, Audubon Park - two images.
Window Dressing NYC 2011 - Fantastical window dressing on 5th Avenue in NYC (17 images).
Nutcracker 2011 - Seven images from New Orleans Ballet Theatre's 2011 production of The Nutcraker.
Recent Portraits - Cathy and Matthew - three images.
Recent Portraits - Carsen and Braniff - four images.
Seen Around New York City - 17 images.
9/11 Memorial - six images.
French Quarter Facades - 11 images.
The Big Apple - five images.
New York Public Library - eight images.
Small Hours in City Park - eight images.
LaSalle Elementary/NOCCA (Abandoned) (28 images)
Tree at Dawn
Parkview Guest House
Going Fishing - Bayou La Loutre - two images.
Bourbon Street (six hours before Saints - Texans Game, 2011) - 24 images.
Small Hours in Audubon Park - 11 images.
Vista Verde (37 images) For the third time in 12 months, Denise and I found ourselves in Roatan, Honduras. A Rhode Islander who owns a ten-acre estate on Roatan saw the images I produced for Fuego del Mar, and wanted me to produce images for a re-make of the website of his Honduran estate. All staging by Denise L'Hoste. Here are 37 images of Vista Verde (Aug. 2011)
Diving in Roatan -- 38 images from the eight dives I made on this trip to Honduras. (Aug. 2011)
Beach Abstracts - 12 images.
Tour de Louisiane - The oldest cycling stage race in the United States. The race is composed of three stages over two days: a road race, a time trial, and a criterium. (35 images)
Marsh Wildfire
Black-necked Stilt (Himantopus mexicanus) - An aptly named bird, fully half of the depicted bird's legs are submerged in the shallow water, its typical foraging habitat. They breed in the coastal marshes of Louisiana, and when disturbed, especially near a nest, commence a loud, incessant yip,yip,yip.
Oakridge - Roatan, Honduras - two images
Sandy Key Surf - 14 images. As unique as a snowflake, no wave is like another. Using a slow shutter in early morning or late afternoon, as the wave plunges, spills, and crashes, its individual personality, its character, even its carried secrets are revealed.
Speckled Trout
Big Bend National Park, 2005
Small Hours on Oak Street, New Orleans - six images.
Natural Abstractions - six images.
Cameron Night - six night images from Cameron, LA.
Magazine Street - an on-going personal project to document what is perhaps the most unique six-mile stretch of urban America (104 images).
High River Panorama
Flooded Batture 2011 - four images.
Old Cars (seven images)
Roadkill 2011 (23 images)
Magazine Street Impressions (three images)
Waterlillies (two images)
In September, Denise and I along with friends stayed at a beautiful home on Roatan, Honduras, called Fuego del Mar. I was commissioned to return this month [January 2011] to take additional photos of Fuego del Mar as well as two other properties owned by the family from South Carolina -- Mariposa del Mar and Brisa del Mar. The photos can be found here.
Of course, I found time to dive several days while there. Diving in Roatan.
Lisbon, Portugal
French Quarter Impressions - (eight images)
Coast of Portugal at Ericeira
Marvao, Portugal
Orvieto, Italy
Stairway - Orvieto, Italy
Christmas Portrait Fail
Merry Christmas 2010 - from Denise and David
Nutcracker 2010 - New Orleans Ballet Theatre -(20 images)
Red Pepper, Eggplant, and Redfish -(three images)
Jazz Funeral - (11 images)
Christina - (12 images)
Textured Death - (four images)
Cemetery - (five images)
Clouds - (two images)
Spain 2003 - (10 images)
Scuba Diving in Roatan, Honduras - (26 images)
Fuego del Mar - The spectacular home, situated on a secluded promontory overlooking the Caribbean Sea, we rented in Roatan. (32 images)
Back Yard Impression
Lounger with Fallen Petals
Wind in Grass
Fleeing King Snake
New Orleans Ballet Theatre 2010 - 85 images.
Architecture (new website gallery) - 40 images.
Motion Studies: Honey Island Swamp - seven images.
Motion Studies: Bogue Chitto NWR - four images.
The Big Easy - two images.
The Crescent City Connection - three images.
Palms in Light - two images.
Alta, Utah Panorama
Perdido Key, Florida Panorama
New Orleans Panorama
Storm Surf - three images.
People sometimes say to me, "You must have a really good camera." Photographer Chase Jarvis famously said the best camera is the one you have with you. Here are some photos taken with my iPhone. - 23 images.
Beach Abstracts - three images.
Great Blue Heron - three images.
Ice Abstracts - seven images
Spidey - two views
Tiny Tanker
Dappled Facade - Grand Central Station
New York - 16 images
Carsen and Braniff - 19 images
The Nutcracker 2009 - 33 images
Other images from this ballet and others can be found here.
Rocktoberfest Bike Race - nine images
City Park Night - seven images
Shaver Theater, LSU - three images
New Orleans Riverfront
Roma Notte
I Thought I Saw - six images
Plant Macro's - six images
Peristyle and Palm
Canal Street Streetcar
New Orleans Museum of Art - two images
The Herb Import Company
Morphs of Self 2009 - 16 images
Morning Commute
Street - Obidos, Potugal
Plastron of Mud Turtle
Coastal Marsh - five images
Central Grocery, New Orleans - four images
Musée Carnavalet, Paris
Place des Vosges, Paris
Tuscany Countryside
Jon, A, and D
Muted Surf
Beach Box
Seine View
Arc de Triomphe
Teton Peaks
Yellow Hearse
Bike Race - 12 images
Scared Lady
Senhora - Lisbon
Commerce Square - Lisbon
Urn and Blue Wall - Obidos, Portugal
Window - Ericeira, Portugal
Young Girl - Rome
Luxembourg Palace - Paris
Park - Seville, Spain
New Orleans Ballet Theatre 2009 - 39 images
Orange Tulips
Small Fishes -three images
Ready for Opening - Bonnet Carré Spillway -two images
Right of Way
Owl Pellets and Their Contents - six images
Alta, Utah, 2009 -five images
Jazz Fest 2009 - two images
Irvin Mayfield at N. O. Jazz Fest 2009 - two images
Mardi Gras 2009 - 14 images
Half-Ironman (half-ironman is 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 run event) - 15 images
Ash-throated Flycatcher
Grandpa Elliot - of Playing for Change fame - see him perform here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us-TVg40ExM&feature=related
Forest for the Trees
Blackwater Tendrils
Drain Pipe
Brown Cow
Alhambra Architecture
Palace of Charles V - Granada, Spain - two images
Ubeda, Spain - three images
Gazanias - four images
Last Week's Roses
The Blue Door
Jesus Saves
Queens of Carnival - 21 images
Street Abstract
Giro @ 28 mph (Saturday version of my Sunday ride) - two images
Alex - two images
From My Crepe Myrtle - six images
United States Courthouse - six images
London - five images
Jeffery and Janifer - two images
Barbie - three images
Harley Detail - three imags
Window Treatment
Radicchio - three images
Breakdance - three images
Garden District Detail (New Orleans Architecture) - 11 images
Gas Off
Tchoupitoulas Street Facades - two images
Shadow Patterns - two images
Vietnamese Market - nine images
View of Twin Canals - Jean Lafitte National Historical Park
Cypress - Jean Lafitte National Historical Park
Found at South Galvez and Poydras (13 images)
Sula the Kitten (two images)
Gustav's Detritus - leaf litter from Hurricane Gustav (19 images)
Dream Drive
Tent and Tree
Park in Lucca, Italy
Golden Silk Spider
Chard Stems (three images)
Bike Race (seven images)
Green Tree Frog (two images)
Bonnet Carre Spillway
Body Bag
Audubon Park Dawn (four images)
New Orleans Ballet Theatre 2008 (32 images)
Sippin' and Strolling
Savannah Sparrow In Repose (three images)
Rutherford Beach (three images)
Alligator Feeding At Sunrise With Egrets - Sabine National Wildlife Refuge
Along the Marshbank - Cameron Parish
Indian Blanket and Prickly Pear Cactus - Cameron Parish
American Alligator
Black-crowned Night-Heron
Museum Urn
Cattle Egret (two images)
Antiques (two images)
Taking Down A Mountain
St. Rose Tavern
Bunge Grain Elevator
Going Downtown
Antique Carousel (1906) - City Park, New Orleans (four images)
Grand Isle Beach and Cheniers (nine images)
Boy in French Quarter
Tessellated Sky
Mediterranean Gecko
Ashley and Allison
Bridget - two images
Mardi Gras 2008 - 35 images
Local Flora - five images
1510 Religious Street - two images
The Cigarette
Wet Street - three images
My Morphs - 18 images
From the Batture - River Work at Sunset - six images
Blue Doors of France
Big Branch NWR - eight images
Ships in Rising Light - 10 images
Paydirt - 1975
Fish Head
Wrong Way
Rain Break on Tchoupitoulas
Urban Facades - New Orleans - 11 images
River Dream
Eastern Sky at Dusk
Wood Ducks - two images
Abstract 8244
Self-portrait in Office
Leaf Color - nine images
Crows Corralling the Moon
Lakeside Trees
Oak at Night
Tree on South Course Pond
Field Trip to the Opera
Running Boys - two images
Mississippi River - two images
Powerlines and Clouds
Tree and Pond
Seed Pods of Southern Magnolia - 6 images
Nature Morte - 9 images
Passing Tug and Barge - 3 images
Carabinieri (before the demonstration), Roma, Italia
Roofs - Lucca, Italia
Lucca Street
Paris Facade
Strolling - Firenze, Italia
Piazza Navona - Roma, Italia
New Orleans Ballet Theater 2007 (31 images)
Lafayette Cemetery No.1, New Orleans
Facade Sculpture - Garnier Palace, Paris 2006
Window Dressing, Rome 2004
Duomo Tiles, Florence 2004
Waiting Dancer
Green Anole
Karen's Aging Carnations
Lilypads and Gator Eye from Canoe (four images)
Incandescence and Moonlight (eight images)
Mardi Gras 2007 (35 images)
Audubon Park Oak in Fog
Audubon Park Oaks in Fog
Audubon Park Peristyle and Tree
Audubon Park Peristyle
Under the Oaks
Audubon Park Oak at Night
Shelter No. 10
City Park Pond
City Park Pond II
City Park Pond III
City Park Oak at Night
Vine and Wet Sand
Paris 2006 (138 images)
Grand Teton National Park August 2006 (97 images)
Cicada (five images)
Waterbug? (three images)
Golden Dawn
Failed Diplomacy
Bronzed Cowbird Egg
Dead Amaryllis
Cypress Knees
Sun and Water (two images)
Carmel - 85 images from Monterey County and the central California coast
Rust (six images)
Agave (two images)
Beach Rock
Cow Skulls (six images)
Magnolia Pistils (six images)
Cypress Fruit - partially eaten by squirrel
Lagoon Reflection With Duckweed
Poolhouse Reflections
New Orleans Ballet Theater 2006 (33 images)
Peppers (four images)
Dead Gardenias (four images)
Sunlight and Clouds (two images)
Lake Pilings (three images)
Post-Katrina Remnants of Camps and Piers on Lake Pontchartrain (nine images)
Dead Wasp
Tulips (three images)
Abstracts - four images
Flowers in the Wind - five images
Sunflower - two images
Orange Street Wharf Fire (eight images)
Moonset on Holly Beach
Skulls on Seaweed
Discarded Crayfish
Bugs (30 images)
First Dance
Copper Top
Dead Palm
Purple Tulips
Pre-dawn in Alta, Utah
Snow-laden Trees
Moving Snow
940 Burgundy
Painted Hydrant and Green Wall
Letter Slot
Shadow Tree
Ochre House and Tree
Minerva Tomb Detail
Flower Bike
Mardi Gras 2006 (six images)
Metairie Cemetery (seven images)
Deadwood and Bamboo Macros (four images)
Orange Rose (two images)
Buick, Truckdoor and Rust (three images)
The Lower Nine - (The Ninth Ward of New Orleans five months after Hurricane Katrina (43 images)
White on Red - Red on Red (six images)
Golden Leaves (two images)
Cortona Hillside
Audubon Oak
Sidewalk Tree
Tree Damage
Jessica and Olivia (four images)
Table for Two
The Mask
American Art
Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (14 images)
Mississippi River - Color, Motion, and Form (five images)
Caitlin (11 images)
Tesselated Building Facades (six images)
Deep Ellum (nine images)
Big Bend National Park (41 images)
First Impressions -- Dallas (24 images)
White Ibis
Snowy Egret
Granada Colors
Red and Blue Beads (five images)
Green Heron
Castelo de Vide, Portugal
White Rose
Digital Tesselations - 18 images
Wall Abstracts (five images)
The Split
Old World vs. New World - 14 images
London - 3 images
Red, White & Brass
Three Windows
Decatur Street and St. Louis Cathedral at Dawn
California Cactus
Wood Duck Hen Sheltering Chicks
Water Lilies (nine images)
The Dance - (nine images)
Nearest Star Over Local Marsh
Questionable Perch
Geranium - Before and After (two images)
Black Skimmer (four images)
Building at Sunrise
Water Plaintain
Red-cockaded Woodpecker (Endangered)
Anhinga (aka Snake Bird, Darter) - two images
Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Dandelions - five images
Window Trees - (eight images)
Gator Sky
Veggie Gator
Broad-banded Water Snake
Young Broad-banded Water Snake
Northern Parula Warbler
Green Tree Frog
Pig Frog
Jean Lafitte National Historic Park
Jean Lafitte National Historic Park
Birding to Cameron, LA, including Sherburne WMA, Lake Martin Rookery, Lacassine NWR, and Sabine NWR - 57 images
New Sister
Wood Ducks - nine images
Double-crested Cormorant and Cattle Egrets - three images
Daffodils - five images
Trees - four images
Egret Roost
Marigny Lamp and Shadow
Destrehan Trees
Parade Dancer
St. Louis Cathedral
Allison Framed
Marc Framed
White Sign
Dying Beauty - four images
Audubon Park Trees - six images
From the Batture - seven images
50 Birds - Ibises, Egrets, and Herons
CBD, Garden District, and Faubourg Marigny
- 10 images
Pears - three images
Macro Plant - five images
The Blue Gate
Live Wire
Ceiling Abstract
Roma Color
Nice Pair of Knockers
Wood Duck
Antique Horse
Lighted Palms
Lighted Palm
Two Apples
Impression of Decatur Street
Mad Cat
Five Ducks
Computer Art - 13 images.
Ball & Bead Abstracts -- 15 images.
Orange Ribbon
Snowy Egret
Little Swimmer
Magazine Street
Azujelo Abstract - Lisboa, Portugal 2003
Wire Spirals
New Orleans Houses (Impressionistic View) - nine images
Twine In Vase
Obidos, Portugal - 2003 - 13 images
Big Ass
Pencils - 2 images
Rooster - three images
Abstracts (glass beads) - 13 images
Florals - ten images.
Charles V Palace, The Alhambra, Granada, Spain - 2003 - six images.
Jessica & Olivia (my nieces) - eight images.
All the Marbles - seven images.
Roseate Spoonbills
Immature Black-crowned Night Heron -- two images.
Digitally Altered Photo - Found Feathers Under Glass
Bing Cherry
Fruit Plate
2000 Block of Magazine Street - four images.
Tri-colored Heron and Cattle Egret with Chicks - four images.
Digitally Altered Photos - four images.
Tesselations - four images.
Life's A Ditch - 11 images.
Emily's Gerbers and Other Objets de la Maison - 12 images.
Three Grasshoppers
Kickin' Back in the Big Easy
Green Heron - two images.
Tough Guy - two images.
Impressionistic French Quarter - series of five.
New Orleans Riverfront - series of four.
Three Shades of Bayou Sauvage NWR - series of three.
Boy in Tomar, Portugal - 2003
Kismet - 2 May 2004
Bugs & Branches - Logtown, MS 2004 - series of nine.
Jason - February 2004
White Tulips - series of eight.
Cameron Parish Nature Photos 23-25 April 2004 - series of 29.
Louisiana Wildflowers - series of ten.
Alta, Utah - 2004 - series of five.
Seen in the Yard (Mostly Blue) - series of seven.
Camellia - 2004
Camellia Detail - 2004
Split Personality - 2004
Kismet Yawn
Mrs. Peanut and Friend at Mardi Gras - 2004
Ann - 1975
Bayou Sauvage - 2003
Impoundment Sunrise - 2003
Canal Vegetation - 2003
Maxent Canal - 2003
Senhoras - Óbidos, Portugal - 2003
Boy in Dijon - 1976
Venice - 1976
Florence Rooftops - 1976
Marsh Grass (series of six)
Still Life 031227
Constancia, Portugal 2003
Audubon Oaks - 2003
Audubon Oaks II - 2003
Flamenco - Sevilla, Spain 2003
Focus Group
Giving Thanks 2003 - photos of Thanksgiving morning in New Orleans.
Rua Direita - Óbidos, Portugal - 2003
Waiting On A Good Set - Ericeira, Portugal - 2003
Rooftops in Granada, Spain - 2003
Green Tree Frog - Jean Lafitte NHP - October 2003
Segnette Dawn - Bayou Segnette State Park - October 2003
Waiting for the Peloton - Madrid, Spain - 2003
Doorways - Óbidos, Portugal - 2003
Hillside Buildings - Sintra, Portugal - 2003
Laundry Cloister - Convento de Cristo - Tomar, Portugal - 2003
First Light - Marvao, Portugal - 2003
Asparagus and Horned Melon
Oak Street Wall
Color by Crayola
Colorized Coneflower
Post No Bills
Alley Walk
Feigned Rage
Agapanthus africanus (series of four)
Eyes: Descent From Reality (series of five manipulated photos)
Boxcar Art (series of eleven)
Cameron Sunrise (East Jetty Beach)
Savannah Sparrow
Summer Tanager
Cattle Egret
Louisiana Swamp and Irises
Swamp Denizen
White Horse II
Foggy Lighterage
Batture Trees (series of eight)
Camellia (black and white)
Viola II
Razor Head
Purple Prisms (series)
Pears 2003 (series)
Macro Rose
Macro Lily
Computer Flower (computer art)
Jason - December 2002
Jessica - December 2002
Rainy Highway
Baton Rouge Skyline
Dirge Study 2003 (manipulated photo)
Randy and Scott circa 1980 and 1990
Great Egret Reflection
Column Detail
Great Egret
Frieze Detail
Orange Flower
Costa Rica, 2002
Leaves, 2002
Geos, 2002
Mushrooms, 2002 (series)
July Abstracts Too, 2002 (manipulated photos)
Fruit In Bowl, 2002
Tulip Close-up, 2002
July Abstracts, 2002 (manipulated photos)
Blue View, 2002
June Abstracts, 2002 (manipulated photos)
Tulip, 2002
Plant Patterns, 2002
Body Parts 2002 (manipulated photos)
Water Lily, 26April 2002
Jason Spencer L'Hoste (my nephew), April 2002
Spider, 3 May 2002
Road Kill, 28 April 2002
Geranium, 2002
Greens, 2002
Tall Tulips, 2002
Orange-winged Parrot
Luxembourg, 1976
Carpet Backing, 1975
Bottles, 1975
Boiled Eggs, 1975
Bathwater, 1978
Dolls, 1976
Bark, 1991
Jean Lafitte NHP, 1992
Preparing For Trial, 1976
White Horse
Macro Flowers, 2001
Audubon Park Oaks, 2001
Arches at Fort Pike, 2001
Self-portrait at Fort Pike, 2001
Burned Out, 1975
Jason Spencer L'Hoste, 1 April 2001 - (my nephew)
Palmetto - 2001
Fronds - 2001
Golden silk spiders - Bayou Sauvage NWR, New Orleans, LA
Lindheimer Cactus - Cameron Parish, LA
One Shell Square - 1970 - New Orleans, LA
Hubbies' Lib - 1976 - New York, NY
Outcast - Jean Lafitte Nat. Historic Park
Renovation Triptych - 2001
Browser Art - (computer art)
Stained Glass Studies - (computer art)
LL&E Building - 2001 - New Orleans, LA
Old Fender, 1976
Signage Awry, 2000
Arizona 2001 -- 13 photos from long birding weekend in Arizona.
Yucca Plant - (manipulated photo)
Hand-painted Flowers - (manipulated photo)
Altered Shrub - (manipulated photo)
The Greatest
Cadillac of Bikes 1981
Pears 2000
Marc Jean L'Hoste (my nephew)
Isla Mujeres Sunrise 1981
Self-portrait with Stella - 1977
Red Boat - Dominican Republic - 1984
Boy on Bike 1976
boston and beyond -- New England travelogue [50+ photos of autumn colors and humpback whales].
Maine Coast - Acadia National Park -October 2000
Humpback Whales lunge feeding on Stellwagen Bank
California Coast 1982
Snowy Egret
Got Milk? (my nephew Jason)
Jessica (my niece)
Olivia (my niece)
Littlest Saints Fan (my nephew Jason) Like countless Saints fans before him -- mostly sucking wind.
On the Rocks - (manipulated photo)
Featherworks - (manipulated photo)
Rutherford Beach Sunsets - (manipulated photo)
Light and Statue (Pantheon) -- Paris, 1976
Eastern Kingbird
Black-crowned Night-Heron
Morning Glories
Buckmoth Caterpillars
Bayou Segnette Dawn 2000 II
Bayou Segnette Dawn 2000
Ovoid Series - (computer art)
Audubon - (computer art)
Choose Wisely - (computer art)
Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge - 31October 1999
Jean and Marc - 1999
Mai Tai -- before she was to become the incarnation of Beelzebub - 1983
Blue House in Merida - 1982
On the Train to Paris - 1976
Smoky Mountain Waterfall - 1981
Perpetual Motion - 1975
Train Station, Paris 1977
Isla Mujeres Fan 1981
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park
Tuileries 1977
Amsterdam Canal Houses -- 1976
Young boy - 1977
Sacre-Coeur - 1977
Pear - 1992
Venice 1976
Ambergris Caye - a website
Highlands Lake -- 1993
Belize Boat -- 1989
Cut paper image of Great Blue Herons (1993) by Denise F. L'Hoste
Poplarville, MS 1984
Dominican Republic -- 1984
Highlands, NC 1993
California Coast/1985
Snowy Egret/1997
Point Lobos/1985
Isla Mujeres/1982
American White Pelican
Great Blue Heron -- Destin, FL, 1993
Blue Grouse/1998
Horn Island/1982
Wing of King Rail (scan)
Wing of Yellow-billed Cuckoo (scan)
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